At The Woodlands we follow the phonics scheme 'Bug Club Phonics'. It is a systematic, synthetic phonics programme approved by the DfE. Within this phonics scheme, sounds are split into phases. There are six phases in total.

In Reception Phases 2,3 and 4 are taught. This is where the children are introduced to phonemes, digraphs, trigraphs, intial and final blends.

In Year 1 Phase 5 is taught and children learn alternative sounds.

In Year 2 Phase 6 is taught and the children learn the links to spelling rules, prefixes and suffixes.

Each phonics phase has tricky words which are taught and learnt.

A Phonics lesson is taught five times a week in Reception and Years 1 and 2.

Here are some helpful Phonics websites to use at home to support your child's learning in Phonics:


At The Woodlands reading is taught daily, the children are exposed to word reading and comprehension activities. Books allocated to the children are linked to the phonics phase they are working within.

The reading schemes we follow are Bug Club and Project X. Pupils will receive a book each week as well as having access to online e-books on their bug club logins. 
KS2 teaching focuses on vocabulary and comprehension through a stimulating array of texts. 
At the Woodlands we have started a new Spelling Scheme called Twinkl Spelling. Pupils are taught spelling rules and learn words linked to the spelling rule. Children have one spelling test weekly. The spelling scheme also links to the national curriculum expectations, alongside links to words, sentence and punctuation objectives.
Reception children follow our personalised spelling scheme called Super Spelling where pupils learn to spell high frequency and tricky words.