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Our Governors

Welcome to our School Standards Committee (SSC). Our Governors play a vital role here at The Woodlands. Here is an introduction to the work that they do:

All Parent and Community Governors are unpaid volunteers, with the Headteacher and Staff Governors giving up their time to attend and contribute to SSC meetings.

Governors attend regular meetings and are frequently in contact with the school to ensure that successes are celebrated, and areas of concern are acted upon.

Each Governor has their own area of responsibility and they work as a whole to be a 'critical friend' of the school and ensure that the school:

- follows an effective and appropriate strategy and vision in line with the aims of the Community Academies Trust;

- has high standards of outcomes, behaviour, personal development, teaching and leadership;

- listens to and values the views of pupils and parents in the running of the school.

The SSC will also:

- Support and challenge the Headteacher and the school's leadership for the quality of provision in the school and monitor the standards being achieved

- Report to the Trust

- Develop links with the school community and other CAT schools;

- Cooperate and assist with any OFSTED or Peer Review Inspections.

We thank our Governors for giving their time and expertise to the improvement of school standards and helping us to give all the children the best primary school experience possible.

If you would like to contact our Chair of Governors (Alison Wheeler) please e-mail

Mr Ed May

Chair of Governors

Edward May’s role is Executive Director of the Community Academies Trust. He is a leader with significant experience in school improvement having held numerous senior posts across both the primary and secondary sectors and led a number of schools as Headteacher and Executive Headteacher.

Mrs Jenny Wallbank

Clerk/Governance Professional for Woodlands SSC

Having taken retirement from the position of Headteacher of a local CAT primary school, Jenny currently works as a part-time 1:1 tutor for pupils not attending an educational setting. As a Clerk, she is eager to use her 36 years of experience as a teacher and leader in primary education to support Governors to be well informed so that they can feel confident in how best to fulfil their vital role of challenge and support to the school.

Mr Lee Fitzsimons

Co-opted Governor/Curriculum Link

Lee grew up in Amington. He left the area to join the RAF as a helicopter engineer and returned to Amington once he'd left the Service. Lee is married to his high-school sweetheart (a former Woodlands pupil) and is father to two children who have benefitted from attending The Woodlands. In his current role as an analyst and consultant into Defence equipment programmes, Lee advocates good decisions based on good information and he became a Governor to support The Woodlands in continuing to deliver their great service to the children and to the community.

Mr Adam Curtis

Parent Governor/English Link

Adam has two daughters, both of whom love school and are enjoying the educational experiences and nurturing provision that The Woodlands provides. As a representative parent voice he is keen to keep education to a high standard for the benefit of all pupils. Adam works in the creative industry as a graphic designer and seeks to draw upon his experience to bring fresh ideas to the school and make a positive difference in school and the local community.

Mr Tom Ward

SEN Link Governor

Tom is the designated safeguard lead and a SENCO at The Telford Park School (11-16 Secondary). He is excited to be given the opportunity to help support another trust school. Having worked in Primary Education previously he is keen to stay involved and to develop his own knowledge on how Primary schools are led and governed. Secondary transition is a important milestone for all young learners and a sound understand of the Primary sector is very Important. Tom hopes that his insight to a Secondary perspective will help KS2 learners.

Miss M Bailey

Staff Governor

Miss Bailey is a teacher at The Woodlands who is undertaking her first role as a Governor. Her reasons for becoming a Governor are to be part of a team who support the school in all areas to ensure children are receiving the best possible opportunities whilst at The Woodlands.