Disco Tickets are available from Mr Baker at the KS 2 gate


Who should I contact about locked, lost or forgotten passwords and log in details?

If you still have access to E-Schools, use the 'message' facility to email your teacher directly who will arrange for the relevant password to be given to you / unlocked etc.

If your E-Schools password is locked or not working, please email or phone the school office who will arrange for the password to be reset/advised.


How do I arrange a paper pack of home learning during lockdown Jan/Feb 2021?
Please contact the school office to arrange for a printed pack of home learning for each week.
Please hand in any completed packs on a Friday afternoon and you will then be able to collect new pack for the following week.
How can I access reading books during school closure?
KS1 children each have a log in for Bug Club where they have access to many reading books appropriate to their level of reading.
KS2 children  - we have class log ins for you to access a huge range of reading books online. Go to  Oxford Owl for School and Home select 'log in for school' then students and enter your relevant class username and password.
  • Class 1:Username: woodlandsks2year5 - Password: Year5

  • Class 2:Username: woodlandsmaple - Password: Maple
  • Class 3:Username: woodlandsspruce - Password: Spruce
  • Class 4:Username: woodlandswillow - Password: Willow
  • Class 5:Username: woodlandsks2year6 - Password: Year6
How can I arrange a food bag during school closure?
Any families registered as eligible for Free School Meals (this is not the same as universal free school meals for EYFS and KS1) should have been contacted by the school office w/c 4.1.2021. to arrange collection of a food bag.
In order to qualify for Free School Meals, please visit https://www.staffordshire.gov.uk/Education/Educational-awards-benefits/FreeSchoolMeals/Apply-online.aspx to check your eligibility. Once you are confirmed eligible, please contact the school office who will arrange a weekly food bag.
Who should I contact for non-learning concerns during school closure?
Our Family Liaison Officer is Miss Hodson and she can be contacted directly via email HSL@woodlands.staffs.sch.uk
Will my child's home learning be marked?
There is no longer the need to return completed booklets on the Friday of the week they are completed. Please just return the completed Quiz Pages for marking with your child's name and class clearly marked on the front coverA new booklet should be ready for collection when you drop in the completed quizzes on a Friday or Monday.
This recent change (13.1.2021.) has been made to avoid quantities of paper being passed between school and home and reduce any associated risks. 
What are the Gates and Times for school during lockdown Feb 2021?
Please click the document below to see our current entry and exit times.
Why is there a maximum of 15 children per class during the lockdown period?
In order to keep children and staff as safe as possible during this time, a maximum of 15 children per class is appropriate and is in accordance with the most recent government guidance available . This allows us to provide adequate space between pupils and staff. Of course, as guidance and rules change we will adapt and update you accordingly.
How do I log into E-Schools and access my home learning?
Please click on the link below to see guidance.
When should I expect a response to a message sent via E-Schools?
Teachers will endeavour to respond by the end of the next working day. Please be aware that you will not receive responses to emails between 6pm and 8am.
How do I send messages using E-Schools?
Please click on the document below for guidance.
What time can I 'chat' to a teacher each day on my class page of E-Schools?
Reception classes 2pm-3pm
Pine 1pm-2pm
Birch 2pm-3pm 
Elm 3pm-4pm
Maple 1pm -2pm
Willow 2pm-3pm
Spruce 3pm-4pm
Aspen 1pm-2pm
Redwood 2pm-3pm
Chestnut 3pm-4pm
When can I complete the daily E-Schools Quiz?
Daily quizzes will be available on your E-Schools projects by 1pm for that day. Please complete them by 5pm on the day of issue.
Do I have to print out the home learning work?
You do not have to print out the work provided on E-Schools. Please complete your work on paper and (just like at school) at the top of the page write the subject, date and learning intention. Please keep any work that you do in case you have any questions or you would like to show it to your teacher (when we can).
Do I have to complete all learning activities every day during school closure?
The government guidance states that 3 hours worth of home learning should be provided / completed each day. We are aware that there is probably more than that available to you on your 'projects' pages. Please do what you can but as a rough guide, 45 minutes per subject should be about right. Of course, some subjects take longer than others and some only take 15 minutes or so.
Can I access E-Schools if I don't have a computer?
You can access E-Schools through our school homepage on any device with internet access. Please see below guidance on how to access E-Schools using x-box and playstation.
Why is my child not with his normal class teacher?
The majority of children attending school during lockdown will be with their class teacher most of the time however, in order to maintain class sizes some rearrangement has been necessary. In addition to and to comply with government guidance, staff have been put on a rota to provide home learning and work off site. This will reduce each members of staff's contacts and provide every child with the chance to see their teacher whether working at home or school.