Home Learning

Homework Booklet
Spring 1
Below is the year 5/6 homework booklet. If it is ever forgotten at school or lost, it is available here so your child is able to complete the set homework.
If the homework booklet has been lost, please ask you child to see me for a new copy.
Year 5 - Spring 1 Spellings
Below are the weekly spelling for year's 5&6. 
The week given is for when they need to learn the spellings. The date next to the word test is to indicate when the children will be tested. this will take place each Wednesday.

Week 1: Creating nouns using -ity suffix (Test – 11.1.23)

community, curiosity, ability, captivity, activity, sensitivity, possibility, flexibility, visibility, eternity

Website links
Below are images of the different websites your children have access to. 
Clicking the image will direct them to that website.