School closes at 2pm today- INSET Friday 21st


Attendance at school is crucial and has a direct impact on the children’s progress in learning and social interactions.
Only exceptional circumstances will be authorised for Holidays. Children should attend school everyday possible with a target of 97%. If your child is ill-  the parent or carer must call the office and leave a message with details of the illness.
All children should be at school, on time, every day the school is open, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. The following procedures are taken by the school when deciding how to deal with individual absences:

There are no authorised absences unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • Absence request forms are available at the office and must be completed in advance of any planned absence.
  • Following Government guidelines the Head Teacher will then determine whether the absence request meets the 'exceptional circumstances' criteria.
  • Depending on the reason and the child's current attendance the Head Teacher will determine whether a fine needs to be issued.
  • All non-planned absences [medical] need to be reported to the office before 9:10am.

Further details can be found in our Attendance Policy.

Attendance for 2017/18 was 95.99% 

Attendance for 2018/19 was 96.92%

Attendance for 2019/20 was 93.34% - affected by covid 19

Attendance for 2020/21 was 96.67% - affected by covid 19

Attendance for 2021/22 was 93.75%

Please find below attached the letter from Staffordshire County Council regarding attendance