School closes at 2pm today- INSET Friday 21st

Christmas at The Woodlands

What has Woody been up to?
He is busy causing mischief around The Woodlands!
He has been visiting different people and classrooms and turning things upside some cases quite literally.
Who will he visit next?
Watch out!
Naughty Elf has been causing mayhem in Mr Bakers office! On 1st December, he ate Mr Baker's chocolate from his advent calendar. On 2nd December, he snook into Mr Baker's office and changed all of the passwords so he couldn't get onto the computer.
Early Tuesday morning, Woody the naughty elf spread his mischief in Spruce.  Poor Mrs Davies was the victim of Woody's latest prank! Luckily, the children rescued her in time to teach!
On Wednesday 6th December, Woody spent some time in Redwood causing carnage! Looks like he had the best time ever! We wonder if the children did too?!
On Tuesday 13th December, Woody the Naughty Elf, snook into Pine and caused mayhem! He was sitting on the teacher's chair with Travis's chocolate, Harry's sweets AND Isabelle's bottle! Snowy, our class elf took part too and ate the mince pie! That's not all...they knocked all of the children's' chairs over and left rubbish all over the carpet!