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Home Reader

Home Readers
Here at The Woodlands, we see reading as an integral part of the school curriculum that impacts on all learning. We value the importance of being a confident reader and work hard to develop children's reading skills. Above all , we want the children to be enthusiastic about reading and be able to talk about books and authors.

We wish reading to be just as important part of their lives outside of school as well. As part of the school's ethos, we expect for the children to read a minimum three times a week. As the child's parent/guardian, please date when they have read and what pages have been read, in their home diary.

Reader Rewards

At The Woodlands, we value reading as a major part of the school curriculum. Each time a child reads at home it is numbered in the school diary. Once a child reads 10 times, their name is put into a reading pot and will be added to the pot every 10 reads. At the end of a half term, the class teacher will pick a name out of the reading pot and the child will receive a reading gift voucher to spend on books. Happy Reading!