Our fundamental principles at Woodlands are to live, learn and grow together. We believe that

children will learn best when they are happy. We believe in delivering the National Curriculum

through a broad and balanced range of subjects, with children making links across the different

curriculum areas. We believe in providing varied and meaningful opportunities to learn in a range of

contexts and environments; children should be able to see how current learning builds upon prior

learning and lays firm foundations for future learning.

As such, we believe in a progressive and effectively sequenced curriculum which is pupil-led so

children can explore, enquire and investigate.

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For more information on how we deliver the curriculum here at The Woodlands, see below and look through the tabs on the left hand side.

From September 2023, here at Woodlands we are amending our curriculum and are beginning to implement a more creative thematic curriculum using Cornerstones to support teacher creativity and imagination. This is a nationally recognised approach for delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children.
We will use the Cornerstones curriculum as the foundation for the work we deliver in school. Staff will use this as the core of their planning to ensure curriculum coverage.
There will be amendments and adjustments made throughout this year to our curriculum as we adapt to the new content and also to reflect the needs of the children, the interests of the cohort (and teacher) and local influences. Detailed curriculum content information will be added to this section of our website in due course but please find below our school overviews.
Due to the fact we have some mixed aged classes in school, we operate a 2 year cycle of themes in some phases so that pupils do not repeat content.