Home Learning

Welcome to the page of Home Learning for Aspen 2022
Here you will find all information regarding home learning for Aspen!
Covid related information, homework booklets and extra activities. 
Please ensure your child is completing their home learning activities such as the booklets and Education city weekly.
For your attention!
Within the SPRING 1 homework booklets, you will see online homework for you to complete on the Education City platform. This is set up and scheduled for you all.
Miss Bennett and Miss Volante can see when the homework online has been completed and can provide additional homework if appropriate/required. You can complete these by simply logging into Education City with the logins provided by school. 
Below are links to websites for extra support, learning and homework resources!
Isolation home learning
Whilst school is open as normal, home learning will not be uploaded onto eschools. If your child is absent for more than 3 days, please contact Miss Bennett or Miss Volante via eschools or the office to arrange additional work to be sent home.
Please find the Y5 homework booklet for Summer 1 below. To view upcoming spellings and additional activities, click on the file. If your child has misplaced their homework booklet, we can arrange for a new one to be printed in school. In the meantime, your child can continue to learn the following week's spellings using the link below.
Any questions, please feel free to message :)