Take a look inside...

Fabulous science investigating skills demonstrated by Aspen today. We learnt how light is reflected and proved it by making periscopes!
Eggcellent work from Aspen! Using the theme of the upcoming Jubilee, Aspen decorated their eggs accordingly. They used Teamwork, Resilience and Communication from our Woodlands vaules during this activity!
I think you will agree we have some smashing creations!
Aspen explored the wonders of the Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights). They used a variety of materials and media to create these beautiful images. 
Aspen had a fabulous time on our second Forest Day for the Spring Term, progressing our skills and demonstrating teamwork and excellence. We loved big fat marshmallows in s'mores around the camp fire too!
FROZEN KINGDOM HOOK DAY. All had a wonderful day sharing what they know (or think they know) and finding out about aspects of our frozen planet. The children took themselves out their comfort zone by trying new things and had lots of super learning questions for us to answer throughout the topic.  A good day had by all!
We have been building our teamwork and resilience skills outside today.
We enjoyed a super workshop provided by the Red Cross as part of our Children's Mental Health Week. We discussed themes such resilience, empathy and kindness. We will be working together to find ways to demonstrate these wonderful attributes. 
10th January. 
What a fantastic Hook Day we've had!
Year 5/6 have explored drag and drop programming using Lego Wedo and then created 'pop rockets', using Maths skills to collate and interpret our data. 
Aspen, you have showed great resilience and problem solving skills today. Well done!
Well done, Aspen! You showed amazing creativity, resilience and perseverance when designing and making your Christmas scenes with fantastic moving parts. 
We are so proud of you.
Mrs Cox and Mrs Read