During Autumn 1, our topic is 'Bright Lights, Big City'. We will be exploring the city of London and all it has to offer such as The Queen, iconic landmarks and history including The Plague!
In Phonics, we are learning phase 3, phase 4 and phase 5 phonemes and will continue to apply phonic knowledge to read and write words and sentences, developing fluency in both reading and writing. 
In English, we will be linking our topic with engaging texts such as 'Katie Goes to London' to develop and apply phonic and SPAG knowledge including adjectives, adverbs and time connectives.
In Math's, we are exploring number and shape.
In Science, we are learning about seasons where we will be observing and comparing the differences that occur throughout the year - we can't wait to go on our season scavenger hunt!!  We will also be learning about how the length of day varies and how these seasonal changes impact our environment.
In Religious and World Views (RWV) we are learning about the religion of Judaism. We are exploring different objects which are special to the religion, learning about Shabbat and Hanukkah along with an exciting visit to a Synagogue... WOW!! We can't wait to get out and explore!!
In Computing, we will be exploring using the internet and learning how to use a search engine effectively to research iconic landmarks, The Royal Family and London. We will also be re-covering e-Safety and developing our IT skills to log on independently.
In PE we will be exploring throwing and catching, developing our hand eye coordination ready for some fun ball games in Outdoor PE. We will also be developing our Gymnastics skills during indoor PE and cannot wait to see what different shapes and transitions the children are able to develop.
In Art we are focusing on exploring and developing our artistic skills through the work of Monet, Van Gough and Metzinger. We will be exploring techniques such as blending, brushstrokes, colour mixing, shading, combining media and many more - I wonder who will make the biggest mess - Wow... I can't wait to have lots of fun and use my creativity!
In Music we are learning about pulse and rhythm alongside exploring how our voices can work in different ways including singing and rapping - ELM ELM... Is the best! (Do you like the start of my rap?)
In PSHE we are learning about different feelings and emotions which may occur during friendships and scenarios. We will be role playing, story telling and creating solutions to different scenarios.