The Woodlands Community Primary School has an annual intake of 45 pupils into our Early Years [Foundation] classes and a total of around 290 pupils in 10 classes:

Early Years: Ash 

Year 1 : Oak
Year 2 : Willow and Spruce
Year 3 and 4: Pine, Birch and Elm

Year 5 and 6: Redwood, Aspen and Chestnut

Beautiful school grounds with 4 playgrounds, a huge field and a small wood for outdoor learning [WOLF days] make teaching and learning a real pleasure.

Engaging cross curriculum links are key to our learning here at The Woodlands. We want the children to be able to see the links across subjects and apply their learned skills in all areas.

Please feel free to contact the school to see for yourself the positive and engaging learning environment at The Woodlands.
Mr J Baker
All responses were written by children on our annual KS2 questionnaire in September 2023.
Year 6 
" I like maths because quite hard questions make it a challenge".
" I enjoy the stories that we read ".
" I love doing art lessons, seeing my friends and making new ones ".
Year 5 
" I love everything, especially History and English ".
" I like that we have teams and we have team points for good learning ".
Year 4
" School is fun and I like learning new stuff ".
 " I enjoy coming to school because it is fun and the teachers are awesome ".
" I like coming to school because I get to see my friends and I love learning ". 
Year 3 
" I like coming to school and meeting new people and visitors and all of the lessons ".
 " I like school because I learn new things ".
 " I love the lessons and everyone is nice ".
" School is exciting ".