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Poole Cavern
Now Press Play - Egyptians
February 2023
We investigated to see how gases could make raisins dance!
Look who came to visit...!
Merry Christmas from Maple
To introduce our new topic about the Romans, we trained like a Roman soldier, designed and made a Roman shield, tasted different food and practised formations during a battle.
We visited the Royal Air Force Museum.
In History we created a human timeline to show transport through the years.
Archaeological Dig
We were very luck to be invited to attend an archaeological dig in Tamworth Castle Grounds.
Mummification - 15.03.2023
In English we will be writing instructions for the mummification process.
Snow Day
We had a great time playing in the snow.
World Book Day 
National Storytelling Week
As part of National Storytelling week we went to visit different classes in Key Stage 1 and read them our guided reading book, 'Mary Anning: The girl who cracked open the world.'
We had a visit from Tamworth Castle and we were archaeologists for the day!!
We investigated the melting point of chocolate.
Freaky Forest Day
Forest Day 
We completed Commando Joe missions and made our own Iron Man in the forest.
In Maths we physically ordered numbers on a numberline.