Summer 1 Learning
This half-term, our topic is 'It's a Kind Magic'. This is an exciting topic where the children will be taking part in experiments and exploring magical texts. We will also be exploring fictional witches and wizards such as Harry Potter and real life magicians.
In Phonics and Literacy , we are learning phase 3 and phase 4 sounds and will continue to apply phonic knowledge to read and write words and captions, developing the fluency of both reading and writing. 
We will be using our topic of 'It's a Kind of Magic' to engage with a range of texts from "The Magic Porridge Pot" to "Aladdin" and explore some imaginative writing.
In Maths, we are learning about numbers to 20, along with building on our knowledge of numbers bonds to 5 and 10. We will also recap and build on our knowledge of 3D shape and positional language.
Look below for some resources that will support your child this half-term.