School Re-opening Information

27th May 2020

Dear Families,

Firstly, please accept our thanks for keeping up communication with school.  We continue to care about our children and will still be making contact with families over the coming weeks, especially with those who are not attending school and belong to a year group that are now back full time.

Secondly, please be reminded that school is closed to all children on Monday 1st June, so that all staff can attend to see how the ‘new normal’ at school works.

Thirdly, school will be closed every Wednesday afternoon to all children, for a midweek deep clean.  Collection times will be staggered from 1pm onwards.  If your child brings lunch from home, please still do so on a Wednesday as they will be released after their usual lunchtime session.  School lunch is also still available.

Now for information that we know for sure, at the moment…

Breakfast club is not available at this time.

All parents of Reception, Year 1, Year 6 and Keyworker pupils have been called and the following details are to confirm what you have been told.  Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 will continue with home learning unless you are Keyworker who has a child attending school.

Staggered starts and finishes is a direct instruction from the government, along with staggered break times and lunchtimes.  If your child has a start or finish time that is inconvenient for you, please accept our apologies, but we are following guidelines.

Children may not be with their own teacher, but parents have been told which classroom group and teacher they have been allocated.  The teacher may be subject to change.  Please arrive with your child at the gates and times listed below.  Please adhere to social distancing, as much as is able,  when waiting for your child to be called in and then released to you.  At the end of the school day, please wait at the gate you are allocated, at the time given so that your child can be released to you.  Parents are no longer allowed to enter on to school premises.


The Keystage 1 gate is now The Blue Gate

The carpark gate is now The Orange Gate

The Keystage 2/Main entrance gate is now the Yellow Gate


8.40 prompt drop off with a 2.50 prompt collection are:

Blue gate – Pine – Miss Leedham-Hawkes

Orange gate – Birch – Miss Hewitt

Yellow gate – Elm – Miss Brady

Wednesday collection is 1.05 prompt.


8.50 prompt drop off with a 3.00pm prompt collection are:

Blue gate – Spruce – Miss Dawson

Orange gate – Willow – Miss Higgins

Keyworkers, we will contact you again this week to inform you of which group your child is with when we have definite numbers.

Wednesday collection is 1.10 prompt.


8.55 prompt drop off with a 3.05 prompt collection are:

Blue gate – Chestnut – Miss Fisher

Orange gate – Aspen – Mrs Maiden

Yellow gate – Redwood – Mr Tennuci

Wednesday collection is 1.15 prompt.


9.00 prompt drop off with a 3.10 prompt collection are:

Blue gate – Ash – Miss Bailey

Orange gate – Oak – Mrs Laffan

Yellow gate – Cedar – Mrs Scott

Wednesday collection is 1.20 prompt.


We have to stick to these strict timings to attempt a staggered start.  This is all new to us as well as families and children, so please appreciate that there may be initial teething problems.

Children are to be in uniform and bring a packed lunch unless having a school lunch.  As it is warm, please send sunhats, suncream (if you wish your child to apply extra) and labelled water bottles.  These will be kept at your child’s individual work station.  Please do not send p.e. kits or book bags, as we won’t be sending returnable books home.  The children will take part in plenty of outdoor activities with their own group, but changing won’t be necessary.  

We appreciate everyone’s positivity and understanding as you can appreciate that this has been a mammoth task to try and organise.  All health and safety guidelines will be adhered to to try and minimise any risk to our children, families and staff.

We are always here for any enquiries you have.

With kind regards

The Woodlands Team.