Welcome to Maple 2021
Summer 2021 - Misty Mountains
Commando Joe - Mission 2 16.06.2021
'We never know the worth of water until the well is dry'
Today we worked together as teams to complete Commando Joe's second mission.  Our plane had crashed and it was on fire!  We had to work our way through the plane debris to put out the fire but we had a problem!!!!!  We had to carry the water through the plane debris as well as collecting food along the way.
Forest Day May 2021
We had great fun today.  We created insect huts in the forest area, we ate hotdogs around the fire, used natural materials to make graffiti art and used the flint steels to light a fire.  As part of the Woodlands Big Spring Clean, we cleaned the play area on Key Stage 2 playground.
Easter Egg Competition
Canopic Jars
We used clay to make our own canopic jars.  It was such a lovely day so we went outside to work.
Comic Relief Day 2021

Hi Maple

After only one day in school this year, we had to start learning from home. I am extremely proud of how you are all working at home and I am looking forward to when Maple can be back together.  We all miss being together but hopefully it will not be for too long.  Send me any pictures or news that you have and I will add it to this page.



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