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Below you will find out what Chestnut have been learning in class and what they are learning about during the current school week. Here we also celebrate the rewards the children have received because of their excellent learning, attitude in class and work they produce. 
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Week 8: 18-10-21
What we are learning:
English: To write and perform a play script.
Math: To understand factors, multiples, prime numbers and the order of operations to calculation where more than one operation is used.
Topic: To design and make a Viking Long ship.
Important dates for this week
This week (WB:18-10-21):
  • Theatre Production (Tuesday Morning)
  • Christmas Cards (Wednesday Afternoon)
  • Forest Freaky Friday (All day Friday)
  • Harvest food donations (All Week)                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Trip Reminder

Recently, a letter was sent out, regarding Year 5&6's trip, at the beginning of November, to the Museum of Cannock Chase to launch the topic of WWII: A child's war.

We will be taking the Year 5 children on Monday 1st November and the Year 6 children on Tuesday 2nd November.

During the trip, the children will get to experience a mock air raid and black out, they will find out what life living on rations was like, investigate a home in the 1940s and become a museum curator for the day.

If you haven't already done so, please could you return the permission slip on the letter that has been sent home. If you haven't received a letter, please contact the school and we will provide one. 

With half term approaching and the trip being on the first two days back after the holiday, we want to be sure we are all prepared for the trip before the break. 


Mr Tennuci.

Phrase of the Week (WB:18.10.21)
WOW Award! (15-10-21)
 Green Cards WB:11.10.21
Bentley Owen & Liam Hands: For show excellence in P.E. with his tennis skills, showing patience and increased confident over ball control.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Science Award WB:15.10.21
Wiki Warcaba
Chestnut's Displays
Chestnut Science Investigation
This week, Chestnut set up an investigation to observe the the growth of bacteria on a slice of bread. 
Different factors were placed on the bread. These factors were things that already contain bacteria and Chestnut are going to find out which causes bacteria to spread and grow the quickest. 
These factors included: wiping the bread on a computer keyboard, pressing our hands on the bread, coughing on the bread and pressing the bread with hands, that had been cleaned with anti-bacteria spray.
By Friday, from our observations, no bacteria was visible on the bread (just by looking at it). 
Chestnut will continue their observations during next week to determine if the predictions they made were accurate.
Year 5/6's Viking Hook Day!
Year 5/6 took part in different activities to do with Vikings, their topic theme for this half term. 
The children took part in different activities including baking bread and food tasting, Viking face painting, Viking rune writing and creating their own Viking emblem and recreating battles. 
Below are some images of the children enjoying the activities they took part in. 
Viking War Paint
Protecting them from magic, evil spirits and wounds from battles.
Battle Practice
Preparing for war!
Baking bread and food tasting
Our Autumn Class Timetable.
What we are learning about this half term.
Year 6 Homework Booklet
Year 6 Knowledge Organisers