Summer 2 Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of our Summer 2 term; this is the final week of our school year and we are so proud of all your super work and amazing effort. You have all worked so hard and kept going even though things have been very different from what we are used to.  

For one final week we would like you to take part in the daily lessons on the Oak National Academy website; there will be new lessons every week. Don’t forget to log on to your Education City account and check out what activities are in your homework section. Please keep reading over the summer and talking about the books you have enjoyed.

Our final WOW work assembly was last week, however, you can still share you wonderful home learning or get help by emailing .


Last week we learnt about some of the gods and goddesses the Anglo-Saxons believed in; this week we will look at their conversion to Christianity. Before we start think about the following questions:

  1.       Do you follow a religion or hold religious beliefs?
  2.       How long have you had those beliefs?
  3.       What might happen to make those beliefs change?

Those were some tricky questions to think about, but that is what happened with the Anglo-Saxons. Let’s find out how and why.

Open the Power Point and Task 1 Saintly Information, use the sheet to make notes as you read through the presentation. Don’t forget to talk to a grown up if you have any questions.

Now look at Task 2; there are three sheets to choose from so make sure you pick the right challenge for you.

Year 3 extra challenge/Year 4 Task 3 – imagine you are an Anglo-Saxon, write down your experience as you convert to Christianity. What may have happened? What were your thoughts and feelings at the time?