Remote Home Learning

WB 30.11.20
If your child is off school this week, please complete the work below.
Our Autumn 2 Topic is 'I am Warrior!' . We are learning all about the Romans!  
So far we have learned:
  • How to order key events in the Roman Empire on a timeline
  • All about Roman Roads - where and why they were built
  • To write historical narratives about a battle between the Romans and the Celts.
  • To research a day in the life of a Roman in different parts of society.
  • Why Hadrian's wall was built and its different features!
Learning at home:
If you are unwell and absent from school, for the first three days, please complete the remote learning work on the document you can see above.
If you are going to be absent for longer than three days:
Every day we will share some daily learning uploaded to this page to match what we are learning in class!
We will send you a daily quiz to check your understanding and see how we can help you in the next lesson, or challenge you even more!
  • Mrs J Maiden