Lockdown Reception Home Learning

These pages are ready for partial or full closure of the school due to COVID. Home learning will be allocated on these pages if a closure occurs. Please see below for an example of previous home learning.

Reception Home learning Guide

Please use this as a guide to support your child with learning at home. Feel free to select as many or as few activities as you would like to complete with your child. These will help to keep your child engaged with learning despite not being at school. The most important activity is reading with your child. If you would like to share any pictures/videos of learning or require any support with home learning please email reception@woodlands.staffs.sch.uk.

Thank you to those who have sent photos of learning and questions via the email. We have enjoyed seeing the learning children have been doing. When logging in to education city, all of the activities can be found in the classwork section.

Try to do this as often as possible. Take care and stay safe, we really hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Laffan and Miss Bailey :)

Day 1
Get Active: Cosmic Kids
Writing: Write your news-What have you been doing?
Understanding the World/Creative: Material Scavenger Hunt - Can I match the materials to their purpose?
Day 2
Get Active: Supermovers
Understanding the World/Creative: Materials property quiz
Day 3
Get Active: Cosmic Kids
Phonics: BBC Bitesize 'sh'Phonics Play - revise all sounds
Writing: Youtube kids - Start at 42:09-43:48. Choose a story starter and write the beginning of the story to introduce the setting and main character.
Day 4
Get Active: Count to 100
Writing: Watch the rest of the story of the little mermaid.. 42:09-Youtube kids. Write the middle part of the story.
Understanding the World/Creative: Can you create a collage/painting of a sea creature?Click here to see ideas.
Maths: Halves
Day 5
Get Active: Cosmic Kids
Writing: Re watch the story of the little mermaid.. start at 42:09- Youtube kids. Write the end part of the story.
Understanding the World/Creative: Can you create a dance to the song Under the sea? Youtube kids
Maths: BBC games

Our topic is ‘Commotion in the Ocean

You can have a go at these extra learning activities and send any photos/videos of learning to:-


  • Can I research the great barrier reef and record my findings?
  • Can I junk model a sea creature?

Storytime:- Watch ‘The Little Mermaid’