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English – Linked to Topic: The Battle of Bosworth

Areas of study for writing:

o    A newspaper report on the Battle of Bosworth

o    A diary entry from the point of view of one of the solders

o    A non-fiction fact file or extract from a history book 

Our class text is ‘The Order of the White Boar’; we recommend this as an additional reading book, where possible.

Task: Choose 1 activity from the above list and use your project research to inform your writing.

Challenge: Can you write a reflection on what is happening in the world, now. Life is very different for us at the moment and in the future you will look back on this and talk to others about it. What would you want your future self to remember?

Education city (search for the names of activities):

Continue to use your Education City account to practise spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.

Focus Areas

Please continue to use any of the resources from Spring which you have found helpful.

Learn Screen - Gramma Adventure 1 – Passive voice

Lost Clause – Modern Fiction

Space Race – Spell using prefixes

Soapbox Superstars – Analyse and evaluate points

Slither River - Comparatives


Week 5 –

Rule: Suffix: ance.

annoyance, grievance, reliance, ignorance, compliance, hindrance, maintenance, importance, assurance


Word List – pronunciation, queue, recognise

Week 6–

Rule: Suffix: tial.

essential, substantial, preferential, impartial, potential, celestial, influential, providential, circumstantial, consequential

Word List – recommend, relevant, restaurant

TASK: Use your spelling in a paragraph or short story: try to use complex and compound sentence structures. Can you add parenthesis or subordinate clause? What other structure or sentence features can you use?


Additional reading book- read and enjoy. Did it match your prediction? How/why? What would you change about it?

Love Reading

Task: Act out a scene or event from the book you have read; how can you add emotion, build tension or engage your audience?

Week 8

Task: Watch an episode of a TV programme or a film suitable for your age. Review the programme or film and compare it to a book of the same genre.


With the introduction of the BBC Bitesize daily lessons BBC Bitesize and the Oak National Academy The National Academy we would like you to start looking at their daily lessons and using the resources provided online.

Focus Areas – Education City

Learn Screen – Perimeter Puzzle

                Track Training

Activities – Multiplication Tables Check

            Party Problems – Calculate Measurements

            High Rise – Perimeter of shapes

            Vacation, Vacation, Vacation – Timetables

Maths Investigations:

  1. Perimeter
  2. Time
  3. Consecutive Numbers
How can we prove that light travels in straight lines?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra1HmKMXmGY&safe=activehave a look at this!

https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk/ - Ask your adult to help you set up a free account to access the resources and information

Task: Create your own periscope and test it around the house. Evaluate your findings and record them. You might want to draw a picture or write a statement explaining what you found. You can use mirrored card or tinfoil in place of actual mirror pieces.


Time to conclude your Battle of Bosworth project; after 5 weeks of hard work we bet it is looking fantastic. This week we would like you to add any interesting facts, which you have found, to your project.

Task: create a one-page profile for a standard solider, a knight, a standard-bearer, Richard III and Henry VII. Or, how about having a go at making your very own Top Trumps cards?

Topic - Week 8

We are now beginning our investigation into the Tudors. This half term will take us on a whirlwind journey of some of the most famous and most exciting events, people and places of Tudor England. To begin our learning please complete the Know and Learn columns of the KWL grid and have a go at the Tudor Word Search; look up any new words and find out why they are relevant to the Tudors.


How can we sing with feeling? How does singing make you feel? Follow the lesson and see how you can practise singing with feeling.

BBC Bitesize


Find an object in the room that will allow you to practise your shading skills. Using a sharp pencil, draw the object and shade it using the techniques below. Try to make your picture look as 3D as possible. Evaluate your work and think about how you could improve it next time.


Revisit Joe Wicks The Body Coach for your daily work out

Why not set up your own Go Noodle account and explore the activities there?