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Welcome to Spruce!
Reading books are changed every Monday. 
Homework books need to be handed in on Wednesday so that they can be marked and returned to you on Friday.
We have PE on Tuesdays (Outdoors) and Wednesdays (Indoor).  Remember to come to school in the correct kit and remove your earrings before school if you are unable to take them out yourselves.
Spellings will be tested on a Tuesday and the results sent home with children that evening.
Forest Day 2022
Spruce had a wonderful Forest Day! We spent the day imagining we lived in the Stone Age, 
The day began with trying to use flint to start a fire. It really showed how difficult this must have been for people living in The Stone Age to make a fire to cook and keep warm! We then spent a little time creating a background for our final art piece for the half term! 
Later on, we sat around the fire pit and tried stewed apple with some crumble before break. We then became 'gatherers', hunting for berries in the forest area, making sure there were enough for our whole tribe! Unfortunately, we did fall short with our task of finding all the berries, but it really tested our resilience to keep hunting even when we struggled. We then collected natural resources to make our stone age inspired art in the classroom!
After lunch, we grouped ourselves as reindeer and people, with one hunting the other. The children loved throwing the foam javelins like they were hunting spears, and seeing how the wind effected their throw! 
It got very messy in the classroom after 'Hunters'! We used mud, leaves and grass (mixed with a tiny bit of water) to create a Stone Age piece of art. Some of the children even made hand prints, like they were in the Stone Age! 
A wonderful day was had by all, with the children loving the activities we did throughout the day! 

Autumn Term.
Spruce had a wonderful Autumn Term!
We have enjoyed 3 Forest Days, where we have toasted marshmallows with biscuits and had fruit and syrup or melted chocolate around the campfire. We have even made our own cheese and ham wraps, which were toasted so the cheese melted.
We have made Christmas stockings in Design and Technology, with the children designing, stitching and evaluating these themselves. We have made Under Water scenes in Art, using recyclable materials. 

Forest Day 
Although the day didn't go as planned, the children enjoyed being naughty elves and trying to stop Santa delivering his presents by creating an obstacle course for him to get around. They created Santa's sleigh using Lego and made their own ham and cheese wraps, which were then toasted in the oven so the cheese had melted. Finally, at the end of the day the children were able to go outside and play in the snow and enjoyed creating lots of snowmen.