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Our morning routine
Happy Mother’s Day
Layers of the Earth
We made our own play dough to show the different layers of the Earth.  We weighed the flour and used food colouring to show the different layers.
Forest Day February 2022
Our forest day was all about 'The Stone Age'.  We had stewed fruit around the camp fire, we hunted reindeers and gathered berries in the forest.
Forest Day November 2021
Due to the snow, we had to be very creative with our forest day.  
Forest Day 11.10.2021
We have had a great time on our forest day.  We made dens, sat around the campfire and sang songs and completed a Commando Joe mission.
Well Being Day October 2021
We completed lots of fun activities.  We made cookies, had additional time on the tree trail, made dream catchers and, most importantly, we spent time talking to each other.
Children in Need 2021
In art, we have been learning about Stone Age cave paintings.  We used our sketching skills to draw a woolly mammoth and a sabre tooth tiger.
Design and Technology
We designed and made our own Christmas stockings.  
We have been learning about electricity.  We have made our own circuits using wires, bulbs, batteries and switches.
Freaky Forest Day - 22.10.2021
Remembrance Day 2021