Summer 1 Week 5: 23-5-22
What we are learning:
Jubilee Week
All activities during this week will centre around the Queen's Jubilee. 
On Tuesday, Year 5 and 6 will travel to Bosworth Battlefield Heritage site.
This Thursday, our class will perform our song from the 1960s - James Brown: I feel good. Also we will be having our street party in the afternoon. 
Important dates for this week
This Week 
Summer 1 Week 5 (WB: 23-5-22)
  • Tuesday - Year 5/6 trip to Bosworth
  • Wednesday - P.E. Wear PE kit to school
  • Thursday - Street Party and song performance
  • Friday - Inset Day. School closed
 Green Cards WB:20.5.22
WOW Award! (20-5-22)
Science Award WB:20.5.22
Phrase of the Week (WB:23.5.22)