Autumn 1 Week 3: 19-9-22
What we are learning:
English: To write a newspaper report
Year 6 - rounding any integer, investigating negative numbers, number on a number line, partitioning numbers.
Year 5: Finding a number 10, 100, 1000, 10000 more or less  than a number.
Humanities: To use map and atlas to locate invertebrates.
Our topic this term is 'Beast creator'
This focuses on looking at mini beasts from our on local area to those around the world. 
Children will investigate what lives in their local environment to the deadly creatures that inhabit the many different countries around the globe.
They will also take the features of different living things to create their own breed of mini beast and what survival mechanisms it has to defend or attack.
Below shows what we are learning for this half term.
Chestnut Displays